Laughter over a bowl of ‘anak ng putanesca’

“It is one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them.”― Ralph Waldo Emerson

laughter over a bowl of putanesca

Do you have that friend who says yes whenever you say, “let’s go!” without even asking where you’re going?

So here I am with my cool slash crazy slash  weird best friend catching up with her unending stories about basically, uhm….

…anything under the sun.

But wait, if you’re still thinking about ‘anak ng putanesca,”  it is one of Oh My Gulay’s mouth watering pasta. I’ll not sugarcoat anything, basta masarap ang food nila and the place has a really great ambiance. It is located at La Azotea Bldg., Session Road, Baguio City but you’ll get this feel na wala ka sa one of the busiest road in Baguio.


there we were. Talking about anything under the sun. And we don’t really care about what the person next to us thinks about what we’re talking about. haha!



oh my gulay

Before we pay our bills, we took a trip inside and here’s what we found:


Fun withCrazyFriends_wordpress

Good art+crazy friends+wacky pose+lots of photos= phone memory full err awesome memories.


fun with crazyfriends_ohmygulaybaguio_10

fun with crazyfriends_ohmygulaybaguio_8

fun with crazyfriends_ohmygulaybaguio_7

Introducing to you our new found friend, Garfield saying bye for now & hello to our next adventure or random meet-ups. 🙂fun with crazyfriends_ohmygulaybaguio_15

There’s no FUN without FRIENDS.


My friend and I_ ohmygulay

Feel free to leave your thoughts below. Bilis! 🙂



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